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Setup Guide - Azure AD App Registration

I have written a PowerShell script which you can run in your primary tenant to create the app reg and output the ID and secret (generated at random).

If you want to use this, you can download it here

If you would rather configure it yourself, follow these instructions:

Navigate to Azure AD and click App Registrations, then create a new Application

New Application

Give your application a name you will recognise and select Multi-Tenant, then click Register


Grab the Application (Client ID) from the Overview screen

Now click Authentication

Authenticate Button

Click Add Platform

Add Platform

You want Mobile or Desktop Application

Mobile or Desktop

Tick the 3 boxes and click Configure


Next, select API Permissions and click Add a Permission

Select Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph

Select Application Permissions

Application Permissions

Add these:

You'll see it's still not finished, you need to click Grant admin consent

Grant Admin Consent

Last step here, click Certificates & secrets

Add a new secret

Add Secret

Add a name you'll remember and set an expiry (I'm using 24 months because I'm lazy)

Secret Name

Copy the Secret Value somewhere safe, it won't re-display it and if you lose it you'll need to create a new one

Now you just need to create your Azure Devops/GitHub Repository