Intune Backup

User Guide

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User Guide - Home Screen

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The home screen gives an overview of all of your enrolled tenants with quick access to backup and restore

The status is the time since last backup, this can be configured in your profile settings

You can also see the drift status of each tenant both compared to the previous backup and the gold tenant

Home Screen

User Guide - Profile Screen

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The profile screen is where you configure your environment details

You can also fully delete your account

Profile Screen

User Guide - Manage Tenants

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Here you can edit/delete your current tenant and onboard a new one

Tenants Screen

You can also obtain a link/QR code to enrol a tenant into your multi-tenant app reg

Onboard Tenant

User Guide - Backup

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Fairly self-explanatoy, select your tenant and press backup. Note, if you've selected Backup from the home screen, it will skip this page


User Guide - Restore

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First select your tenant (this page will be skipped it Restore is selected from the home screen)


Next, select from your backups in the repo


Finally, select what you want to restore and whether you want to also restore the assignments

Optionally, you can create the group if it does not exist


User Guide - Gold Tenant

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This is where you can backup your golden source tenant and deploy policies to customers


Next, select your backup to deploy from


Finally, select the customer and what policies, apps, settings to deploy


User Guide - Drift Management

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Here you can check drift across your tenants

Simply select the tenant and check the drift. It will display any changes since the last backup, what has been changed and the raw JSON of the object.

To acknowledge the change, simply click the button to run the backup

You can also revert the change here which will either delete the new policy, or change the JSON back

On top of that, for a multi-tenant environment, you can compare tenants to your gold tenant and look for differences

For each drift, you can either acknowledge the item (add to an acknowledged list) or revert it (delete or update). Acknowledged can also be managed and deleted as required

Drift check

User Guide - App Deployment

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This is where you can deploy Winget apps to any managed tenant

Deploy App

Finally, select the customer and whether you want to use the standard group details, or create custom group names. If the group exists, it will use an existing group. If it does not, a group will be created.

Deploy App Select Tenant

User Guide - Template Deployment

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This is where you can deploy your own created templates, or two open source options to any managed tenant

Simply select the tenant and click Deploy, the policies and groups will then be deployed to the tenant.

The IntuneBackup policies can be found here

Alternatively you can use the excellent OpenIntuneBaseline policies, more details can be found Here

Deploy Baseline Select Tenant

User Guide - License Review

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Clicking this button will send submit a simple license review to the tenant

It will report on total licenses, unused licenses and licenses assigned to any users not logged in for 90 days

Submit a license review

Clicking will take you to this screen where you need to specify the sending email address which must be in the tenant selected for review

Submit a license review